Singapore: Where everything is illegal but anything happens

Happy St. Patricks Day! Where is my corn beef and cabbage?? But seriously, I would have died for that today! We left Singapore late last night and I havent made it out of bed for anything other than meals! I loved Singapore! What a New York like feeling place! Expensive and trendy, the only reason I knew it wasnt New York was because it was incredibly clean!! For one day in a port I felt like I had been there for a week! We got off the ship as soon as we possibly could, sat for a half hour in customs and went directly to Starbucks. I really dont like Starbucks that much but to have real coffee felt amazing. We got in a taxi and had him bring us to Orchard Street. (We think America has a lot of malls, I can tell you it is nothing compared to there!) We literally just criss-crossed through the streets from mall to mall! I didnt end up buying anything because everything was stuff I could buy in America and probably for cheaper! We then headed to Raffels hotel, this hotel is known for its Singapore Slings. And for 25 dollars a drink they clearly make more than enough. We all had two drinks, just because we were in Singapore! We then headed to the botanical gardens/bird garden, it was very green and very pretty! We didnt pay for the guide so we just walked around and looked at the flowers and birds. It felt so homey since all we have been seeing for months is grassless areas and dirt! We then headed to the nicest hotel in Singapore and just walked around inside. Once again, it was another mall, but also had a casino, ice skating rink, 5 restaurants, and an amazing infinity pool with a view of the entire city! It was amazing! We quickly left there in order to keep us from spending any money and went directly to China Town. When we got there we found out it was very dead! Apparently most restaurants/bars dont open until late in the evening because they all stay open til 4 AM. We sat down with these guys from England that were in Singapore looking for oil and had a long conversation with them about oil. Who knew that could be so interesting? We stayed there for a while and then headed to Clark Que, an area known for very trendy bars. We met up with some more Semester at Sea-ers and found a place called the Clinic, you get your drinks in syringes and IVs (clearly not real ones), and your seats are wheelchairs. They dont put the IVs in your arms and syringes didnt actually have needles attached, no worries. It was a very cool area, it was covered completely by these flower looking canopy and had an area with censored water fountains you could walk through. It was very trendy and the perfect area to end the day! We headed back to the ship and spent a hour in line going through customs! We made it back in time and none of us got dock time!!!


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