I swear these dreams run deeper than the ocean

So today was the rockiest day by far, I think everyone disappeared halfway through the day to their rooms to either get sick or to be rocked to sleep. Its funny when I was thinking of updating my blog last night I was thinking about what to add and the first thing that came to mind was how I miss the rocking off the boat. I shall bite my tongue! Were only 1 day away from South Africa!!! Im starting to notice the trend of the staff telling us each place is the most DANGEROUS place well be going, because according to them the last 3 places weve been have been the most dangerous, and of course the next one is too. I think the same rule applies to every big city you go to, dont do anything stupid. I can safely say, I have not. I am excited to get to South Africa; I plan on going to Robben Island and then a 3-day safari. It will be fun to get away from the normal group and to be with some people Ive met but yet havent gotten to know.
Everyone is currently studying for the tests they have this week and I feel as if I have nothing to do, I have no tests and currently no homework. Life is so different here compared to at home, we have a total of 22 class days all semester, meaning I have 11 class days, and the majority of our homework consists of writing journals of our experiences. I am scared to see how I jump back into regular college life this summer.
Today we experienced being followed for the first time, but it was hardly dangerous considering it was just a flock of 3 dolphins. It was great to see, we were all lying out on 7th deck when we heard everyone from the dining center run to the railings and start screaming. They werent doing amazing tricks but they were definitely following in the wake. The announcements today (yes, we are still in high school and have announcements) said that they would start to follow us more when we get on the other side of Africa! I will try and remember to bring my camera with me so I can have pictures!
I think homesickness has kind of set in, these 6-day stretches at sea get kind of long and were running out of things to keep us occupied. We have tried scoping out boys (that lasted a week), we have tried working out (that lasted even shorter), we have watched every TV show on our computers and have now settled for walking up and down the 7 flights of stairs looking for something to do. I am trying not to let myself grovel in the fact I miss Noodles, Panera, Chipotle, Taco Bell, etc. and enjoy the amount of protein I am getting with every peanut butter and jelly sandwich I make.
Now onto a fun subject, I am still having the time of my life and am so happy I decided to take this experience. I cant wait to get to Asia, I have a feeling the amount of things I will be learning are going to be at amazing levels. Being put into a country that NO ONE speaks English will be hard but I am ready to use my Italian-ness with my hand gestures. I have learned that no matter where I go, I am still the same person. I can try and pretend to be quiet, but Im not. I am a people person and I love being around different kinds of people at all times.
* Imagine we are all the same. Imagine we all agree about politics, religion and morality. Imagine we like the same types of music, food and coffee. Sound boring? Differences need not divide us. Embrace diversity. Dignity is everyone’s human right*


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