Wait, the ship is actually for school?

Happy February everyone! I hope you are enjoying your negative weather because I am enjoying the equator and its heat just nicely! Today I had no classes and enjoyed the pool all day. I did realize though its about time to share about the classes I am taking
My favorite class: altruism and social justice, with Dr. Kottler. First, I am just thankful I got in the class but secondly I leave the class in tears everyday. It was him that started empowering Nepali girls, and has since dedicated his whole life to social justice. If you dont know what social justice is here is a quick explanation: social justice is ultimately devoting your life to helping people or communities in situations lesser than your own. It is not something you do to profit yourself but to make the lives of others better. He touches my heart each day and I cant help but realize how much emotion he puts into everything he does. I truly believe he is breaking us down in order for us to rely on each other to build ourselves back up. We discuss what we are passionate about, what things in the past have a hold on us, and how we have shown resilience in our life even if we didnt know it. The books that are required reading for his class is actually books he has written himself. Every time I think I have to know everything about this guy, he shocks me even more.
Sex & Gender in Cross Cultural Experiences: My anthropology class that is making me question my major, YIKES. I am not sure if it is the lectures that have me by a string or the books we are reading. We are now reading about a group of people that were researched in the 1950s by an American couple that were looking into their culture. We are learning how different each culture can be, in this one in particular, not to be grotesque, but the children are taught at a young age the sexual play that should go on between a couple and usually start having the play by as young as 8. You may be wondering why this is so interesting to me, but come on, doesnt that make you want to know WHY!
International Perspectives on Family Violence: This class is very similar to a lot of the sociology classes I have taken back at UND. What makes me like this class a lot are the people we have had come in and talk to us. We had the head of the Brazilian embassy come in and speak to us about the domestic violence that is taking place in Brazil. It is a very common thing in most of these Global South countries, and they are just now trying to put an end to it. It was amazing to hear from someone that had such passion for womens rights. It wasnt until recently a woman had held such a high position.
Global Studies: The class everyone aboard has to take, and wellI havent quite figured this class out yet. So no comment for now.

I love this place, the interaction between SO many different people is incredible. I babysat the psychologists daughter, Kaila (Ky-La) tonight and it was nice to be around little kids for a while. We ran up and down every staircase on the ship and I couldnt help but laugh the entire time. We walked out to the pool deck and watched the ocean and she turned to me and said, how amazing. She is 4, and just wanted to sit there because she was sure a dolphin was going to come. It was amazing to see how many students wanted to stop and talk to her; its funny how much everyone is really alike. Well, I have class all day tomorrow starting at 8 AM, bon voyage mates. ☺


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