With my own two hands

I wish I could say this post was going to be upbeat and happy but instead I am going to share with you the life-changing experience I had today during my global studies class. (What I personally can share with you will never evoke as much emotion as every person in that room felt today but I will try my hardest)
This trip is about thinking globally but acting locally, and knowing with your own hands you can change the world. This is exactly what professor Kottler did, during his visit to Nepal 6 years ago he first learned of the disappearance of school-age girls. No one of the community would explain to him exactly what was going until he cornered the school principal that shared with himafter the 3rd grade public school costs money and without any financial support from home the family chooses to sell their children into sex slavery. This meaning that at the age of 12 they will be staying in a brothel where most likely on the first day they will get raped 10-15 times. HIV positive men in Nepal believe that in order to cure their HIV they need to have sex with a virgin. The girls will work for the next 3 years or until they are too sick to work anymore. It is said that about 12,000 girls are sold or abducted into sex slavery each year. The families choose this life for them because they believe it is better than having them be apart of the 25,000 people that starve to death each year. It is sad that families choose that those 3 years of being raped but being fed are better than starving.
In order to keep these girls in school, its a mere 50 dollarswhen Mr. Kottler heard this he made the first move to improving these girls lives. He took 50 dollars out of his pocket and that 50 dollars began it all. He told that principal that the girl that was in risk of being taken into slaverystays. At that point, he made a vow, every year he would return and make sure that those girls would stop disappearing.
Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world, placed between two powerhouse countries, India and China. If the government were to find out about this program Kottler has started, they would show up in that community to take the money for themselves, I am adding this to prove how dysfunctional their country really is. Today Mr. Kottler has given over 100 girls the opportunity with scholarships to stay in school. The first girl that ever received a scholarship from him, Enu, is now the first girl from their country to go to college. Please understand that this social justice project was started by one man, and has now helped many more people. I hope I have tugged at your heart a little today and made you realize how our lives compare to others. If you want to learn more about this project visit: empowernepaligirls.org.
I promise my next update will be more lighthearted, I appreciate everyone for reading this and know I am very thankful for you all.


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