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December 17, 2010

Final Countdown…

As it is coming down to the final month I thought it would be appropriate to write my first blog entry…I am hoping to make this my own voice and share every “first” I experience. To give you a gist of where I will be traveling I am enclosing the itinerary, keep in mind these are the ports and within these countries there will be much more traveling within!

  • Nassau, Bahamas-Depart January 12
  • Roseau, Dominica-Arrive January 16, Depart Jan. 17
  • Macapa, Brazil (Amazon Entrance)-Arrive Jan. 20, Depart 23
  • Manaus, Brazil-Arrive Jan. 23, Depart Jan. 27
  • Takoradi, Ghana-Arrive February 6, Depart Feb. 10
  • Cape Town, South Africa-Arrive Feb. 17, Depart Feb. 22
  • Port Louis, Mauritius-Arrive Feb. 27, Depart Feb. 27
  • Chennai, India-Arrive March 6, Depart March 11
  • Singapore-Arrive March 16, Depart March 16
  • Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam-Arrive March 19, Depart March 24
  • Honk Kong/ Shanghai-Arrive March 26, Depart April 1
  • Kobe/Yokohama, Japan-Arrive April 4, Depart April 8
  • Hilo, Hawaii-Arrive April 17, Depart 18
  • San Diego, California-Arrive April 24

I’m slowly and surely getting more and more nervous, and the closer to the time of leaving I feel that much more unprepared. I am excited for this opportunity and I am ready to wake up everyday and be able to look across the ocean. I truly feel like the luckiest girl.

Keep Calm & Carry On